Sophie C

Hello and welcome to my home!  Originally from the countryside just outside Tunbridge Wells, I’ve lived in central London for the last ten years, in a two bedroom flat close to Tower Bridge.  After viewing a seemingly endless number of bland and homogenous little-boxes-with-a-bigger-box I finally found this flat – with an unusual layout and mezzanine levels in every room it was not your average living space, and that’s exactly why I fell in love with it.

When I moved in it was an entirely blank canvas – no structural work or major renovations were needed – but it was in serious need of some colour and personality, which I have worked hard to inject.

I can never really decide what ‘my style’ is; I like too many to decide on just sticking to one!  I figure that if you just buy things that you love, and put them in a space together, it will all tie together in the end.


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